126 “Trump’s Fence, Dating Ocasio-Cortez, Shaun King’s Crusade”

January 11, 2019

"Smarter, harder, about the same length as usual." - Anonymous

- The Border Fence Shutdown

- Reasons to Dislike AOC

- Tea Party Retrospective

- Ellen Met Kevin

- Jazmine Barnes, Shaun King, and Overconcen

- Destroying The Weatherman

- Race Price, New York City Public Schools, and Historical Fictions

- Human Rights + Angela Davis


Recorded: PM 1/9/2019

Published: 1/11/2019

125 w/ Ben Smith “The (Syrian) Withdrawal Method, Journalistic Imperatives”

December 22, 2018

w/ Ben Smith (Editor in Chief @ BuzzFeed News)

 - BuzzFeed's Day in Court

- About That Dossier

- Insider Political Journalism vs Crisis Political Journalism

- Sports Metaphors, Panglossian History

- Newsroom Diversity

- Indisputably Racist



- Syria, Afghanistan, and Impulse Control

- The Best Laid Plans

- Another Shutdown

- GoFundMe Governance

- Trust Issues


Recorded: PM 12/22/2018

Published: 12/23/2018

124 w/ Yascha Mounk “The People vs Democracy, Beyond Nationalism and Identity Politics”

December 15, 2018

w/ Yascha Mounk (Author, "The People vs Democracy") (Host, "The Good Fight")

- Liberal Democracy (and Liberal Democratic Values)
- Democratic Deficits, Excesses, and Limits
- Authoritarian Populism (on the Left and Right)
- Political Norms
- Domesticating Nationalism
- Injustice and Identity
- Inequality and Globalization
- Free Speech

- Cohen Gets Sentenced
- Kmele Crashes an *Unusual* PTA Meeting
- Fukuyama was wrong, but none of you assholes read “the end of history”
- Matt Says "Yemen" on MSNBC
- Norms

Recorded: PM 12/13/2018
Published: 12/15/2018

123 w/ Michael Barbaro and Jody Avirgan “Live at the Comedy Cellar in NYC”

December 6, 2018

Our first live recording; taped at the legendary Comedy Cellar in New York City.

With Guests: 
Michael Barbaro, "The Daily" (The New York Times)
Jody Avirgan, "30 for 30" and "The Five-Thirty-Eight Politics Podcast" (Five-Thirty-Eight, ESPN)  

"On Speech Controversies and The State of Journalism After Two Years of Trump."

Recorded: 12/4/2018 (@ The Comedy Cellar in New York City)
Published: 12/6/2018


122 w/ Kevin Roose “Russiagate Reloaded, Facebook, Google, China”

November 30, 2018

w/ Kevin Roose (Columnist, The New York Times)

- *Black* Intellectuals
- Live @ The Comedy Cellar
- All the Presidents Rogues
- Nature, Severity, and Consequence
- Facebook's Peril
- Google's Dragonfly
- China's Citizenship Scores 

Recorded: PM 11/29/2018
Published: 11/30/2018

121 “On Anti-Racism w/ Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, Thomas Chatterton Williams”

November 22, 2018
Kmele facilitates a wide-ranging conversation on race, racism, and anti-racism.
Glenn Loury 
- Professor of the social sciences and economics at Brown University 
- Host, The Glenn Show @ bloggingheads.tv
Thomas Chatterton Williams
- Author, "Losing My Cool"
- Contributing writer @ New York Times Magazine. 
- National Fellow at New America, where he’s completing a new book project about ‘being the black father of white-looking children in Paris’.
John McWhorter 
- Professor of Linguistics, Philosophy, and Music at Columbia
- Host, Slate’s "Lexicon Valley" Podcast
- Writes for the Atlantic

Coleman Hughes
- Undergraduate Philosophy major at Columbia University, and a columnist at Quillette 

Published:  11/22/2018

120 “Everything* You Need Know About The 2018 Midterms, Serious Journalism, The Beleaguered”

November 9, 2018
- Phallic Humor
- "We'll Do It Live" (In NYC, Next Month)
- The Midterms (For People Who Kind of Hate Midterms)

- The "Fuck You" Vote
- Beto, Gillum, Abrams
- Voter Fraud/Disenfranchisement
- Trump vs. Acosta Part 5: 'Why can't they both lose?'
- Trump: 'That's A Racist Question!'
- Sessions, Out. Mueller, Next?
- Cocaine Mitch Warns the Dems
- Dog Whistles, Guilt by Association, David Duke
- What Indiana Really Means
- SIWT (Ezra Klein, Vox)
- Surprisingly Serious Journalism Talk
Recorded: PM 11/7/2018
Published: 11/8/2018

119 w/ Noah Rothman “Political Violence and The Great Disillusionment”

October 31, 2018

w/ Noah Rothman

(Associate Editor, Commentary -- Contributor, MSNBC/NBC News)

Author of the forthcoming book: “Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America” (Jan 2019)

- Plausible Deniability
- Perspectives on Pipe Bombs and Synagogue Attacks
- Speculation, Motive
- Violence in a most Peaceful Era 
- The, Lou Dobbs
- Persuading Donald Trump
- The Populist Moment
- Brazil
- Egalitarian Jihadi
Recorded: PM 10/29/2018
Published: 10/31/2018

118 “A Conversation w/ Sarah Haider: Identity, Apostasy and Islam”

October 23, 2018

A conversation with Sarah Haider

- Origin Stories
- Identity, Tribal Affiliation
- Islam, Muslims, Apostasy, and Atheism
- Difficult Conversations
- The Intellectual Dark Web
- Courage

Recorded: July 22nd, 2018


117 w/ Josh Szeps “Saudi Business, Proud Boys v. Antifa”

October 18, 2018

w/ Josh Szeps, (formerly Zepps, frequently misspelled as Zeeps) host of "#WeThePeople LIVE" and “The People Versus”

(Recorded - 10/16/2018)

- Australia's Sweetheart, but his father *was* even more famous
- Kmele saw "First Man," Norman Mailer stabbed his wife
- Kanye at the White House
- This disappearing of Jamal Khashoggi
- The end of American moral exceptionalism?
- Doing business with the House of Saud
- Proud Boys v. Antifa
- "Choose a side"
- Kmele v. Josh


116 w/ Harry Siegel “Soros’ Paid Protest Mobs, Team Woke vs Team Resentment”

October 12, 2018

w/Harry Siegel, Senior Editor at The Daily Beast

(Recorded - 10/10/2018)

-Three Very Fine Bottles of Wine
-Soros: boogeyman on a global scale
-Anti-semitic dog whistles or nah?
-Harry (literally) co-wrote the book on Rudy Giuliani
-The era of conspiracy theory
-Fact checkers suck
-Trump's USA Today op-ed
-Everyone hates P.C.—but what is P.C.?
-Are the politically disengaged really the "center"?
-Dying online from the outrage mobs
-"Chinese finger trap"
-The Mohammad cartoons and Charlie Hebdo
-Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford's lives from here
-What is your reputation worth?


115 w/ Bari Weiss “Kavanaugh, Believing Her, Abercrombie & Fitch Forever”

October 4, 2018

-Kanye West's very MAGA SNL Appearance
-Getting Totally Kavanaugh Faced
-Moynihan at the Mississippi Trump Rally
-Believe All Women
-Bari Would Have Hated Kavanaugh in High School
-Kavanaugh's Kamikaze
-Apocalypse Skeptic
-Bari's New Book, "The New Seven Dirty Words"

(Recorded October 2nd, 2018)


114 “Notes on Moynihan’s European Excursion, The Kavanaugh Hearings”

September 20, 2018

"We're back, You're Welcome" - The Fifth

(Recorded: September 19th, 2018)


113 “McCain’s Eulogy, Louis CK’s Resurrection, Monkeying Things Up”

August 30, 2018

Pusha T's new album and Whitney Huston's bathroom countertop. Bobby Brown's prerogative. Was it Maurice Starr (or) Lou Pearlman? Remembering a 'Mavric'*. Jack Shafer wrote a bad piece. You can’t criticize McCain, except when you totally can. Matt vs Antiwar libertarians. Immigration policy, racism, Trump and Europe. Hasidics in Williamsburg. Louis CK returns to the Comedy Cellar. The Patriarchy = White supremacy. Everyone's Guilty. The Kids are alright.

(Recorded August 29th, 2018)


112 “Cohen, Manafort, and the Inveterate Liar Defense”

August 23, 2018

Karl Malone, Post Malone. Manafort, Cohen. John Brennan's Clearance. 'The Verge of Civil War' or Just 'The Usual Bullshit.' Rutgers, White Privilege, and Gentrification. Asia Argento. A FIRE for All Seasons. Problematic Becky. Razor Blades in Your Favorite Breakfast Cereal.

(Recorded August 22nd, 2018)


111 w/ Jesse Singal “Dangerous Convos, Unite the Right 2, The War on Journalism”

August 17, 2018

w/ Jesse Singal (Contributing writer at New York Magazine | Author, "The Quick Fix")

- Jesse's New Book
- Jesse's Atlantic Cover Story ('When Children Say They’re Trans')
- Omarosa vs Trump
- Unite the Right 2
- Laura Ingraham
- The War on Journalism

(Recorded August 15th, 2018)


110 w/ Jessica Tarlov “Purging Alex Jones, Antifa in Portland, Kmele at MSNBC”

August 9, 2018

w/ Jessica Tarlov (Bustle, FoxNews Contributor)

- The Case Against Impeachment [ Mike Pence Would Be Worse ]
- Kmele at MSNBC [ How To Be An Uncle Tom ]
- Owning the Libs, Beefin on Twitter
- Libs vs. Socialists
- Black Chicks
- Talking to the Enemy, Sitting Down w/ Trump
- Race, Essentialism, Identity Politics

(Recorded August 8th, 2018)


'shout out to the plug'


109 “Moynihan Meets D’Souza, NYT Controversy, Manafort on Trial”

August 4, 2018

(Recorded Aug 1st, 2018)

- Moynihan Meets D'Souza, Trump Jr

- Kmele Finishes A Story

- Sarah Jeong: Racist or Racist?

- Russian Hacking + Facebook

- QAnon

- Trump, Manafort, Witch Hunt

- Some Idiot Wrote This

- RIP, Andrea Rich


108 w/ Jane Coaston “Conservative Proclivities, Ridicule Over Censorship”

July 27, 2018

w/ Jane Coaston (Senior Politics Reporter, Vox)

- Jane's Origin Story

- What Conservatives REALLY Want

- 'Locking HER Up'

- Ignoring Michael Cohen

- Facebook's Holocaust Problem

(Recorded Wednesday, July 25th, 2018)


107 w/ Ben Domenech “On Acting, Russian Indictments, Putin and Trump, Just Say The Word”

July 19, 2018

w/ Ben Domenech (Publisher, The Federalist)

Acting Trans, Scaling the Building
Russian Indictments
The New Vietnam Syndrom
Obama's Mandela Speech
Would that we could all say [that one word] - Part II

(Recorded Wednesday, July 18th, 2018)


106 w/ Ken ‘Popehat’ White and Damon Root “Justice Kennedy Quits, Various Other Things SCOTUS”

June 28, 2018

Foster and Fisher are joined by legendary civil liberties attorney Ken White (of Popehat blogger and Twitter fame) and Damon Root (Reason's resident SCOTUS journalo and the author of "Overruled") to chop up the Justice Anthony Kennedy's surprise retirement announcement, his legacy, and the confirmation shitstorm that's sure to come.

Also on tap:

- SPLC's capitulation to Maajid Nawaz's defamation suit
- SCOTUS upholds the travel ban, busts public sector unions, and tells cops to get a warrant for long-term cellphone location records.

Bonus bull session on civility, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, civil rights, public accommodations, free association, and why no elected officials should be allowed to eat anywhere,  ever.

(Recorded: Tuesday, June 27th 2018)


105 w/ Michael Tracey “Immigration Upset, Child Separation, Very Bad Things”

June 21, 2018
(Recorded: June 20th, 2018
 w/ Michael Tracey, Roving Journalist and Correspondent @TYTNetwork
- Never Give Up
- Woke at Whole Foods
- Why do they hate Tracey
- Eschewing the pretense of objectivity.
- The exceptional lying of President Trump.
- Trump vs Obama on immigration
- On the media and reactions and anti-media animus
- Bernie the Trumpist
- Tariffs don’t mean the Western alliance is crumbling.
- The media needs constant Trumpocalypse
- Kudlow’s coke habit
- Psychoanalyzing Trump

104 “When Trump met Kim, Neo Confederates, Strictly 4 My Sniglets”

June 14, 2018

(Recorded June 13th, 2018) 



- Is the Western Alliance kaput? Does it matter?

- Did Trump hand Kim a propaganda win, and if so, isn't averting nuclear war the bigger win?

- North Korea shares a border with Russia and Rachel Maddow is ON IT

- Moynihan shows up late

- It's Trump's GOP until further notice and they're cool with "neo-Confederate" candidates, thank you very much

- Michelle Wolf "comedically" slams Bari Weiss for something she never did

- Welch hates high school baseball hugs

- "Our ass is in the jackpot"


103 w/ Josh Zepps “Kim Kardashian: Humanitarian, Presidential Privileges, Primate Jokes”

June 8, 2018

(Recorded June 6th, 2018)

w/ Josh Szeps (formerly Zepps, frequently misspelled as Zeeps) host of "#WeThePeople LIVE" and “The People Versus”



-  Brisbane to Boston.

- Clive James’s death watch

- Kanye drops “Ye” 

- Slavery may be a choice after all

- Kat Timpf falls out of a tree...

- Jim Acosta was wrong about Kim Kardashian

- Bill Clinton is a widower

- Bill Clinton is the real victim, but he's kinda sorry too

- Moynihan goes full “fxck your interns”

- Free Love

- Pardon Me (Myself)

- Death By China

- Josh Zepps, Globalist

- Starbucks/Roseanne/Samantha Bee



(It feels so good it should cost -- Bought an alligator, I ain't talkin' Lacoste)


102 w/ Jacob Mchangama “Clear and Present Danger”

May 29, 2018

(Recorded May 25th, 2018)

A conversation w/ Jacob Mchangama, Host of 'Clear and Present Danger: A History of Free Speech" podcast. (http://www.freespeechhistory.com)

- Pronouncing Mchangama
- A Bit of Free Speech History
- Cartoon Jihad
- Panic and Crisis
- Culture and Legislation
- Filthy Jokes
- 'The Great Awokening'
- An Abrupt Ending

"Jacob Mchangama is the founder and executive director of Justitia a think tank focusing on human rights and a Visiting Scholar at Columbia’s Global Freedom of Expression Center. He has commented extensively on free speech and human rights in outlets including the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy. Jacob has published in academic and peer-reviewed journals, including Human Rights Quarterly, Policy Review and Amnesty International’s Strategic Studies. He is the author of the critically acclaimed and award-winning book, MEN Ytringsfrihedens Historie i Danmark (BUT: The History of Freedom of Expression in Denmark). He is the author and presenter of the short documentary “Collision: Free speech and religion” (2013). Mr. Mchangama is a 2016 Marshall Memorial Fellow. He is the recipient of numerous awards for his work on free speech and human rights." (from http://www.freespeechhistory.com)


101 “Israel vs Palestine, IDW Skepticism, The Very Best Writer Alive”

May 18, 2018

(Recorded May 16th, 2018)

- "Are You Black?"

- Calling the Cops on Black Kids

- Isreal and Palestine: A Primer (Deliberately Calibrated to Infuriate Everyone)

- Michael Cohen: Maker of Great Deals

- When Everyone Hates (But No One Bothers to Read), Your Work

- When Everyone Loves (But No One Bothers to Read), Your Work


100 “In Defense of Red-Pill Kanye West, Trump Subpoena, Press Freedom Day”

May 4, 2018

(Recorded May 3rd, 2018)

18:00+ Host Grab-Assing
20:00+ Defending Red-Pill Kanye, Why Slavery is Always YOUR fault
36:00+ Morrissey's Politics, Lennon's Domestic Violence
40:00+ Coping with Persistent (and almost certainly imaginary) Threats on Your Life
45:00+ Phrase Politics, Welch goes off the reservation
50:00+ Moynihan's Perpetually Offended
53:00+ Stormy Daniels
74:00+ Inside the Fox Green Room
- Trade Talk
- The Best Tinted Glasses
- The WHCD, Press Freedom Farce, Why Journalism Awards Suck
- Welch Goes on a Sinclare Media Rant

099 “A Conversation w/ Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying”

May 1, 2018

(Recorded April 22nd, 2018)

A conversation with evolutionary biologists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.

- On Free Speech, Campus Culture
- Identity
- Scientific Investigation & Tabboo Topics
- The Intellectual Dark Web
- Evolution, Culture, Markets, Media, and The Academy 


In THE SUMMER OF 2017, Bret Weinstein found himself at the center of an ‘equity and inclusion’ maelstrom at Evergreen State College, where he and his wife Heather Heying were both members of the faculty. The resulting scandal would result in the couple parting ways with the school, but not before attracting the attention of national media. Bret and Heather are currently unaffiliated academics in exile who frequently write and speak about their experience at evergreen, the state of American campuses and a host of increasingly controversial issues related to their principal field of study.

The pair dropped by the studio to chop it up with Matt Welch and Kmele Foster.


098 “Joy Reid’s LGBT Issues, Kanye’s Red Pill, Two Black Guys Walk Into a Starbucks”

April 25, 2018

(Recorded: April 24, 2018)

Matt's surprisingly strong opinions about Kanye West's endorsement of Candace "Red Pill Black" Owens.
Joy Reid wasn't a huge fan of the gays, wrote some questionable things on the subject, and it appears Kmele is ready to forgive her. 
Rand Paul's latest flip-flop (Fisher is unimpressed).
Trump bros-out with French president Macron.
ALSO: Extended notes on the Starbucks Controversy, spontaneous reggae outbursts, impromptu seance, and a surprise cameo.
"You already know it's THE FIFTH, baby!" - A Very Wise Man

097 “Facebook Hearings, Gas Attacks, Abortion & Murder, Race & IQ” w/ Kat Timpf and Ben Dreyfuss

April 17, 2018

Sorry for the unusually tardy release. This conversation was recorded approximately five days ago (prior to the most recent intervention in Syria), but the release was delayed by matters of great significance and urgency (which I won't bother to outline here). All the same, it's still a very fine vintage.

(Recorded: April 12, 2018)


with: Ben Dreyfuss (Mother Jones) and Kat Timpf (Fox News Channel, National Review)

- Facebook Congressional Hearings

- The (continuing/looming) War in Syria

- Trump May Fire (Muller, Rosenstein, and Anyone Else with the Temerity to “Attack America”)

- The Kevin Williamson Affair (Abortion, The Atlantic, and Capital Punishment -- Oh My)

- Race & IQ



096 w/ Amy Chua “Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations” (Special Dispatch)

April 3, 2018

(Recorded: March 27, 2018)

A conversation w/ Amy Chua (@amychua), Yale law professor and author of numerous books including: "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother", "The Triple Package", "World on Fire", and her latest book "Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations".

“Today, no group in America feels comfortably dominant. Every group feels attacked, pitted against other groups not just for jobs and spoils but for the right to define the nation’s identity. In these conditions, democracy devolves into zero-sum group competition — pure political tribalism.” - Amy Chua, 'Political Tribes'


- Identity, Ethnicity, and Culture
- Super-groups, Market Dominate Minorities
- Tribes of America and the State of Her Politics
- The Immutability of Tribalism and the Limits of Democracy


095 “March for Our Lives, How to Journalist, So Moonshined” w/ Tom Slater and Tina Nguyen

March 29, 2018

(Recorded: March 28, 2018)


Tom Slater, Deputy Editor @ Spike'd

Tina Nguyen, Politics and Media Reporter @ Vanity Fair


Marching for our Lives, Poisoning Spies, Activist Journalist...


- Moonshine, Poison (Half a Helping of Each)

- Killing Marco Rubio

- Teenage Sainted Activist Student Journalist

- Making America Great Again + Putting Y'all Back in Chains

- Kevin Williamson Moves to The Atlantic (Assorted Persons Freakout)

- Garbology

- How to Be Pro Brexit w/o Going Full White Nationalist

- Slightly Russia Linked

- Never Having to Say You're Fired


094 w/ Jody Avirgan “Enhanced Interrogation, Free Speech, Twitter Mobs”

March 16, 2018

Recorded: March 15, 2018

We've got FiveThirtyEight's Jody Avirgan in the studio. Matt is on assignment someplace.

This Week:

Is there a free speech "crisis" on campus?

Moynihan and Jody's considerably different approached to sparking media frenzies.

PLUS: Rex, we hardly knew ye (literally). But was he all that stood between us and the CIA's "enhanced interrogation" dominatrix?


093 “Flirting w/ North Korea, Back Channeling w/ Stormy Daniels”

March 10, 2018

Recorded: March 9, 2018.

Welch, Moynihan, Fisher and Foster are in attendance.

An increasingly unlikely Presidential visit to North Korea.
A seemingly permeable steel and aluminum tariff.
A growing interest in POTUS's indiscretions w/ a Porn Star
And Sam Nunberg's media PsyOp (and/or) breakdown

Pertinent Notes:

- "A Strange new respect..."
- "A tribute vice pays to virtue..."
- "The Q got that D..."


(and at Moynihan's insistence)

BTC: 1262cXpJkHECVSiLU5iktcqbCW5oz8tJei

ETH: 0xD4BB6B1784541A27FE046AA1963329a9672c3f04



092 “Hopeless Gun Debates, Bulletproof Oscar Predictions” w/ Sonny Bunch and Andy Levy

March 2, 2018

Recorded: March 1, 2018.

Oscar Talk: Best and Worst, Most Overrated and Ryan Gosling

Stick Talk: AR-15s, Scool Shootings, The National Rifle Association, and Due Process.


Senior Producer of the “S.E. Cup Unfiltered” on HLN

Executive Editor @ The Washington Free Beacon
Co-Host @ The Weekly SubStandard Podcast


091 w/ Andy Levy “Black Panthers, Richard Spencer’s Advocate, Ban All the Porn”

February 16, 2018

(Recorded: February 13th 2018)

"Whenever I hear some bigmouth in Washington or the Christian heartland banging on about the evils of sodomy or whatever, I mentally enter his name in my notebook and contentedly set my watch. Sooner rather than later, he will be discovered down on his weary and well-worn old knees in some dreary motel or latrine, with an expired Visa card, having tried to pay well over the odds to be peed upon by some Apache transvestite." - Hitch


- The Great (XXL) Black Panther Debate

- Richard Spencer & DeRay Mckesson: CODEFENDANTS 


090 “About That Nunes Memo, Red Pills and Foreign Policy”

February 2, 2018

+ Indispensable Commentary On That [treasonous/heroic/meh] Nunes Memo
+ Context, Collusion and Russian Conspiracies
+ A Foreign Policy Primer
+ Briefest of notes on Trump's first State of the Union

(Recorded February 1st 2018)

Note: This dispatch was recorded the day before the MEMO was released, honestly -- you won't be able to tell the difference.


089 w/ Bari Weiss “And Mueller Gets Fired at the End”

January 27, 2018

w/ Bari Weiss (@bariweiss), Staff editor and writer @ New York Times Opinion (Former Wall Street Journal, Tablet Magazine)

An expansive, high-quality dispatch that was unfortunately marred by technical mishaps. It's not actually Fishers fault (quite the contrary in fact). xpan

Things improve considerably as the release goes on.

- Government Shutdowns
- Amnesty Don's Great Big Amnesty Bonanza
- Skipping out on the Wall Street Journal, Making Trouble at the New York Times
- #MeToo
- Trump Wanted to Fire Mueller
- Collusion, Obstruction or YAHTZEE!

Recorded: January 25th, 2018


088 “Deepest Shithole Imaginable”

January 16, 2018

Moynihan is back, Matt was an illegal immigrant, and Kmele was *front* row for Lebron vs. Steph.

Plus: DACA. FISA. Shit. #MeToo.

Recorded: January 15, 2018


087 “Fire & Fury, Prosecuting James Risen”

January 7, 2018

Recorded: January 5, 2018

- Kmele’s Axioms of Child Rearing
- Long on Fury, Short on Fire
- Red Flags, Fake News on Facebook
- Trump's Tax Cut, Regulation Busting 
- Heather Mac Donald vs. Everybody


086 w/ Tina Brown “The Vanity Fair Diaries and Authentic Bullshit” (Special Dispatch)

December 22, 2017

Recorded: December 21, 2017.

Michael Moynihan (Vice News) in conversation with the incomparable Tina Brown. On the business and practice of journalism, the marvelous island of Manhattan, the authentic bullshit of Donald Trump, and #metoo.


085 w/ Jeffrey Blehar “Roy Moore Takes An L, The End of the Internet”

December 16, 2017

(Recorded on Thursday December 14th 2017)

with/ Jeffrey Blehar (@EsotericCD) of Decision Desk HQ and The Political Beats podcast.

We talk the recent Alabama Senate election and the FCC's controversial decision to rescind Obama-era net neutrality rules.


084 w/ John McWhorter “Linguistics, Race, Antiracism” (Special Dispatch)

December 8, 2017

(Recorded, November 2017)

An expansive exchange with renowned social commentator and linguist, John McWhorter. McWhorter is a Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. He's the author of twenty books including "Words on the Move" (2017), "Talk Back, Talking Black" (2017), and "Losing the Race" (2000).

Also Referenced:
“Antiracism: Our Flawed New Religion” (2015 - The Daily Beast)
“How to Listen to Donald Trump Every Day for Years” (2017 - The New York Times)
"Tragically Unfit to Be President" (2017 - The New York Times)



083 w/ Ben Dreyfuss “Matt Lauer, Sex Panics, Dissecting Project Veritas”

December 2, 2017

- Matt Lauer

- Seducing Kevin Spacey

- James O’keefe

- Fake Headlines, Faker Stats

- Dumbest News Day Ever

- Britain First, Murder Allegations

- Trashing Bob Woodward

- Some Idiot.... ABORTED 


082 w/ Ajit Pai “Net Neutrality, C***holsters, N*p Sl*ps”

November 21, 2017

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai drops in to explain why he's returning the Internet to the dark ages of... 2015. 


- Draymond vs. Mark Cuban 

- The AOL-Time Warner instant messaging juggernaut

- Janet Jackson's wardrobe and Stephen Colbert's c***holster

And why won't the FCC just let Slim Shady be?


081.5 w/ Rob Mariani “Milo’s (Very Brief) Daily Caller Engagement”

November 15, 2017

Recorded: Thursday, November 8, 2017.

We chat with Rob Mariani, former opinion editor for the Daily Caller, about Milo's first (and last) weekly column -- and how to handle radioactive things without getting burned.


  • questioning Moynihan's sexuality;
  • a very gay historical debate;
  • the intellectual dead end of "just trolling" politics.

(Columnist Interruptus)


081 “MAGAversary Shellacking, Dreams & Nightmares, Mr. Trump’s Asian Junket”

November 11, 2017

Recorded on Thursday, November 8th, 2017

Trump takes a long 'grueling' trip to the Far East, maybe tempers the crazy and manages to get cooked in the elections stateside.

- Aubrey and Kojo
- The Meek Mill Guide to Criminal Justice Reform
- 10 Lbs of Gelatin
- Moynihan Got it For *Cheap*

CORRECTION: "Dreams & Nightmares" was definitely a studio album and not a mixtape.


080 w/ Josh Zepps “Mueller’s Inquest, Silicon Hearings, Proportionate Fear”

November 4, 2017

Recorded on Thursday, Novemer 2nd, 2017

With Special Guests: 

Josh Zepps - Host, #WeThePeople LIVE (@WTP_Live, @joshzepps)


079 “’Allegation & Admission, Baseless or Otherwise” w/ Bill Schulz and Nancy Rommelmann

October 28, 2017

Recorded on Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Moynihan and Kmele are on Assignment -- Welch takes the reins.

With Special Guests: 

Nancy Rommelmann - Journalist, Author of "To The Bridge" 

Bill Schulz - Host of Compound Media's "Mornin'!!!! w/ Bill Schulz" 


078 “’McCain and Bush Sneak Diss Trump, Gold Stars for Niger”

October 21, 2017

Recorded on Thursday, October 19th, 2017

"The opposite of a way with words"

- How Chad Saved Moynihan’s Life (and Why We're Huge in Canada)
- Former President Bush and John McCain Have Strong Words for Trump
- Totalitarianism, Populism and Economic Uncertainty
- US Troops in Africa, Calling Up Gold Star Parents
- The Opposite of a Way With Words
- When 'Everything' is 'Some of the Things'
- Morbid Premonitions, A Non-Fatal Stroke
- When Louis (Farrakhan) Met Richard (Spencer)