022 w/ Buck Sexton “NSA Hacks, The ISIS Blame Game” - The Fifth Column

August 24, 2016

When Buck Sexton sits in for the hour there's a good chance the conversation will turn to foreign policy. As it turns out, that's exactly what happened and despited promises to the contrary, it pretty much stayed there. We did manage to establish a new (as in "first ever" and "only") Official Beer of the Fifth Column, so that's something. Other highlights: It's Moynihan's Birthday... Pretty sure Matt is drunk... and Kmele managed to pretzel Paul Krugman, Isis, Obama Care and the War in Iraq into a single metaphor -- fair chance he's drunk too.

Special thanks to Hard Knocks Brewing for the evenings libations.

Hard Knocks Brewing, The Official Beer of the Fifth Column Podcast. hardknocksbrewing.com

021 w/ Michael Malice “The Best-Worst Case for Trump/Hillary, Charter Schools are Super Racist” - The Fifth Column

August 17, 2016

Moynihan is off this week, appears he had obligations related to something he's describing as "his real job". We don't know what that's supposed to mean but it sounds illegal. Author and Observer columnist Michael Malice fills the empty chair for am hour and change, shouts things into the mic and generally enriches our regular rhetorical intercourse.

Up for discussion this week: Gary Johnson's diminishing (but not completely exhausted) prospects for getting into the presidential debates. Matt Welch tell's a story that could get people locked up and/or deported. Charter schools are super racists, duh. That revenge porn of you, it may not be so bad after all. And the best possible (indirect) arguments FOR Trump/Hillary.

020 “Olympic Twerking, Obama’s Drone War Playbook, The Clinton Foundation, Ferguson: Two Years Later” - The Fifth Column

August 11, 2016

Episode 20: The most discursive and 'intrupty' installment to date, but never worry, they always stick that landing (that's an Olympics reference).

This Week:

Obligatory Olympics Banter
- Malia Obama twerks and tokes at Lalapalooza
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, Lose in Court, But Kinda Win, Maybe...
- Clinton and Trump Dazzle the American Electorate With More Email Scandals, Assassination Plots and the Appearance of Generalized Political Corruption
- The Justice Department is Unimpressed with the Baltimore City Police Department
- The White House FINALLY Releases It's Drone War 'Playbook'
Where else can you get all that in sixty mins? You're welcome.

The noble, just and righteous crusade to replace Olympic Badminton with Olympic Twerking starts here.

Moynihan, Welch and Foster discuss (and bravely lead the charge)...

019 “How to Survive a Nuclear Holocaust, Welch-splaining Nato, Kmele’s BLM Dust Up ” - The Fifth Column

August 4, 2016

The Conventions are over, Welch, Moynihan and Foster are back in Gotham and it feels like Autumn in August.

Still, Trump related anxieties have managed to reach new levels of 'OH-MY-GOD'; will his ascension to the presidency result in a nuclear conflict, the dismemberment of NATO, Armageddon, or garden variety disappointment & dishonesty? What's so great about NATO? And what's this about a contingent of Black Lives Matter protestors moving into the park adjacent to Kmele's apartment?

Welch, Moynihan and Foster discuss...

018 “The DNC Takes Philly , Ted Cruz’s Dad Takes Grassy Knoll” - The Fifth Column (Updated)

July 27, 2016
The Fifth Column's presidential convention coverage continues. Matt Welch phones in from the convention floor in Philadelphia, Moynihan convalesces in New York after a harrowing Republican convention and Foster dabs his brow compassionately with a damp cold cloth.

On The Agenda This Week:

The DNC has developed it's own 'damn email' problem; somehow it involves Russians and a pair of geriatric US presidential candidates.

Trump and Sander's convention speeches are analyzed for an all together different sort of plagiarism; painting by numbers.

Black Lives Matter Moms (pronounced "blim') take center stage at the DNC and thoughts on Europe's worsening terrorism problems. (Updated)

017 “A Very Trump Convention, Ted Cruz Jujitsu” - The Fifth Column

July 21, 2016

Welch and Moynihan from the Floor of the RNC Convention... What could possibly go wrong?

No more description. You listen, you find out!


016 “Rumors of Race Wars and POTUS’s Solipsistic Eulogy” - The Fifth Column

July 13, 2016
A trifecta of highly charged police involved shootings dominate the headlines; what are the odds that resulting media coverage and political rhetoric are substantive, fact-based and solutions oriented?  And what is President Obama going on about? 

Plus: Which member of the triumvirate was roughed up for backtalking the cops? Will Barbra Boxer accept Welch's VERY indecent proposal?

And, perhaps most importantly, when is carrying around a bottle of wine in a Ziplock bag filled with ice not dignified and respectable? Probably when you refuse to share.

Foster, Welch and Moynihan discuss...

015 “Trump’s Star, Hillary’s Email, Jonah Lehrer’s Comeback” - The Fifth Column

July 7, 2016

What is Kmele hiding in Greece? Why is Donald Trump taking advantage of Hillary Clinton’s email lawbreaking by doubling down on the Star of David? And what on earth is the man who contributed to the downfall of pop-science journo-fabulist Jonah Lehrer doing giving the guy a second chance? We’ll go straight to the horse’s mouth (meaning “Moynihan’s”), and otherwise touch on the Chilcot Report, Tony Blair, Iraq regrets, over-classification, and just how many drinks constitutes “a couple” over at Vice News.

Foster, Welch and Moynahan discuss...


014 w/ Virgina Postrel “Brexit, Benghazi, The BET Awards” - The Fifth Column

June 29, 2016
What does your dimwitted brother-in-law actually know about Brexit? What actual difference does this Benghazi report make? And finally, will the well monied and influential attendees of the Black Entertainment Television Awards ever overcome their hateful adversaries and obtain actual freedom? Those do sound like very long odds.

Producer's Note: The episode is brought to you by the letter 'B' and the word 'Actual'.

Foster, Welch and Moynahan discuss... and the glamours Virgina Postrel drops by.

013 “Islamic [REDACTED] and OJ Simpson: Trial of the Millennium” - The Fifth Column

June 22, 2016

What's the most [REDACTED] ever to [REDACTED]? Can someone really be 'completely brilliant' and 'wrong about virtually everything'? Will we ever get tired of talk'n bout OJ? In a baseball cap and shorts, is Matt the spitting image of Dennis the Menace? Yes.

Foster, Welch and Moynihan discuss...