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033 w/ Kat Timpf “The Passion of Steve Bannon, Ditching the Press Pool, Lebron’s Posse” - The Fifth Column

November 18, 2016

What do you do after a media apperance in Midtown Manhattan. If you answered, "Eat Ground Beef with Friends" -- you've probably been drinking with Kat Timpf and Matt Welch.  

Trump Ditches the Press Pool to Grab a Steak To Dinner.

Steve Bannon (White House “Chief Strategist”, Xenophon, Anti-Semite, Spousal Abuser, Racist, All of the Above)

Lebron James vs Phil Jackson ("Did you just call us a 'posse'!?")

And The Latest Installment Of The Most Important Story of this Election…  “How racist is donald trump”? Super, Regular, or Naw”

Come for the South Park recaps, stay for the celebirty impressions.