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124 w/ Yascha Mounk “The People vs Democracy, Beyond Nationalism and Identity Politics”

December 15, 2018

w/ Yascha Mounk (Author, "The People vs Democracy") (Host, "The Good Fight")

- Liberal Democracy (and Liberal Democratic Values)
- Democratic Deficits, Excesses, and Limits
- Authoritarian Populism (on the Left and Right)
- Political Norms
- Domesticating Nationalism
- Injustice and Identity
- Inequality and Globalization
- Free Speech

- Cohen Gets Sentenced
- Kmele Crashes an *Unusual* PTA Meeting
- Fukuyama was wrong, but none of you assholes read “the end of history”
- Matt Says "Yemen" on MSNBC
- Norms

Recorded: PM 12/13/2018
Published: 12/15/2018